About ConFITence Camp

Happy girls are beautiful girls!“You are an individual, with individual needs. You’ve been blessed with your body that responds and reacts to food, exercise, stress and stimulus in a very unique way. ConFITence Camp will help you create a sense of awareness within yourself. It will guide you to listen to your body; give you the tools to nurture your body and your spirit. You will learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle that will create self-confidence and will connect you to the power of ME!”

ConFITence Camp encompasses a body, mind, spirit approach to cultivating a balanced and happy life. Heather has designed workshops on whole foods nutrition with demonstrations and delicious easy recipes; play-based exercise; DIY natural body care products; mindfulness and meditation activities; positive self-talk and establishing core values; as well as financial fitness. Each workshop is presented in a fun, positive, interactive method that creates an impressionable experience for the girls.

Heather Hughes is the founder of RENEW Cornwall and ConFITence Camp. Heather has a foundation of education, experience and knowledge in massage therapy, Bowen therapy, functional exercise, nutrition, lifestyle coaching and meditation. She has lead retreats & workshops to women’s groups throughout Ontario. She has taught workshops to Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs, and at secondary schools around the province.

As a mother of two boys, Heather knows the challenges of navigating through all the targeted marketing and gimmicks that teenagers are exposed to on a daily basis. Her rural roots helped develop her philosophy of a wholesome, balanced approach to health and wellness. She has drawn upon her holistic approach to health to empower young women to make informed and wholesome lifestyle choices.